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Services For Institutions

Career Voyage Consulting was established in 2008. We are Delhi/NCR based consultancy offering services in education sector. We apply a multi pronged approach to carry out studies and research on specific educational problems; to devise and develop organisational structures for educational administration and management.

We are focused towards providing services to the educational institutions for developing partnerships and raising their profile worldwide. We rely on our strong network with Indian education institutions, foreign education institutions and statutory bodies. We enjoy a good working rapport with key decision makers in premier institutions worldwide. We closely work with industrial houses and government bodies to execute projects effectively in a professional manner.


We provide the following specialized services to the institutions in India and abroad:

Promotion and development

  • Establishing brand name of the institution in the country.
  • Developing and implementing marketing plans.
  • Developing and printing promotional materials.
  • Managing all promotional activities such as placing advertisements, organizing events for promotion of the institution and its activities in the region.

Collaborative research and professional development

  • Providing market intelligence on opportunities for partnerships.
  • Delivery/twinning arrangements with institutions for deliver of programs.

Recruiting students

  • Developing and managing network of student recruitment agents and individual consultants to facilitate recruitment of students.
  • Provide in country services to facilitate quick turn around for student recruitment.

Developing alumni network.